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Set from 2 years
St. M. Horynya, 11


Set 0-4 classes
St. Pluhova, 12


Set 0-11 classes
St. M. Horynya, 11


Set 5-11 classes
Distance education


It was 2018. The newly established "ECOLAND" LYCEUM was finishing its first schol year. There was so much movement in the educational institution that you could barely manage to capture anything with a camera, but still, something was missing. And as often happens, it is in such an environment that cool ideas are born. This is how the Ecoland "Thinkers" Competition got its start.


There are several points to be made. First of all, Thinkers is an intellectual card game that teaches thinking, develops logical and critical thinking, intelligence, attentiveness and imagination, it is about everything: school, environment, life in general. This concept is near and dear to our heart.

Secondly, the authors and co-authors of Thinkers logical tasks are Ecoland teachers. Moreover, our teachers constantly use these games to diversify the lessons, conduct tutorials, organize leisure activities of extended day groups, etc. By the way, in ECOLAND, Thinkers games are used in the development of children in kindergarten (from 4 years old).

Thirdly, preparing for the Competition is quite easy, you just need to train your brain to be able to solve the tasks. And it’s possible if you play the game daily. Here’s where the printed card format of the “Thinkers” games comes to the rescue. It’s quite easy and simple: you’ve got questions on one side of the card (give yourself time to come up with the answer). If you face some difficulties, just turn the card over and discover the answer. And then, of course, you have to figure out why the answer was what it was. It is really important to understand the entire line of reasoning for yourself.

Fourth, although the Thinkers Competition was primarily intended for schoolchildren, it actually has another hidden mission – to keep the brains of adults constantly working, because preparing for an intellectual competition in the family circle is even more interesting and the benefit for everyone is simply invaluable.


May. The competition took place offline: contestants registered and arrived at the LYCEUM at a specified time, where they solved tasks divided according to their age group: grades 2-4, grades 5-7, grades 8-11. The questions were of varying difficulty and they had to be solved in a certain time limit. 200 students registered to participate in the Competition. The majority of registered participants were students of schools in the city of Lviv. In addition, there were teams from schools in the Lviv region.

October. The intellectual competition “Thinkers” took place for the second time at “ECOLAND” LYCEUM. It was still offline, that is, in the premises of the institution. And again, there were 200 participants from the city of Lviv and the Lviv region.

The Contest has expanded its horizons to an online direction as well. The organizers understood that access to the Competition should not be limited only to the offline format. Therefore, the LYCEUM for the first time made an attempt to conduct the contest in an integrated format (offline for residents of Lviv and Lviv region and online for students from all over Ukraine). In this way, the “Thinkers” competition ceases to be local, but grows to an all-Ukrainian scale. The rules have also changed, there are 2 rounds (the first is mixed: offline and online and the second is offline). The number of participants has also increased to 300 children. Among them were 25 students from other regions of Ukraine.

The global pandemic forced us to make certain adjustments, so the organizing committee has decided to hold the first round of the Competition in an online format, and the second – offline, in compliance with all the quarantine regulations. So, the competition was made possible!

Despite challenging times and the quarantine, the intellectual Competition takes place offline. 60 participants registered for the Competition.

Intellectual Competition “Thinkers” takes a break.

The Thinkers competition is currently being updated, improved and renewed. We invite you to participate in the game!



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