School complex "Ecoland" - ЕКОЛЕНД


Set from 2 years
St. M. Horynya, 11


Set 0-4 classes
St. Pluhova, 12


Set 0-11 classes
St. M. Horynya, 11


Set 5-11 classes
Distance education

Infrastructure of "Ecoland" kindergarten and school complex

A safe and guarded location

Enclosed territory with access control system, external and internal video surveillance, our own playground, medical center. Shelter with an area of more than 335 m2.

Furnished and equipped spaces

Bright, spacious, fully equipped classrooms, comfortable group activities rooms, a cozy place to sleep and relax

A fully equipped space for child's development

A creatively decorated assembly hall, a fully equipped computer room, a library, a music room and an art studio, a sports hall, a football club and a choreography studio.

Our own cafeteria

Cafeteria and food preparation facilities with the necessary equipment. Balanced meals for children three times a day



Pre-K program
(offline and online)

Tutor's centre

Speech therapist (group and individual sessions)

Elementary school

Hobby clubs (group and individual sessions)

Trips, excursions and holiday camps

Training courses for tutors and educators

Evening kindergarten class

Psychologist (group and individual sessions)

Children's party planning

Creative master classes

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