Primary School "Ecoland"


Set from 2 years
St. M. Horynya, 11


Set 0-4 classes
St. Pluhova, 12


Set 0-11 classes
St. M. Horynya, 11


Set 5-11 classes
Distance education


Full day school (08:30-19:00). No schoolbags and homework

Nutritious, delicious, high quality meals. Our own kitchen and a menu of your choosing

Manifold extracurricular activities, active socialization, personal growth. and career guidance

Tutoring in action - guidance, motivation, support and care for each student

Dozens of hobby clubs, studios and workshops in-school

Innovative teaching methods and modernized technical support of the educational process

No payments during summer. Loyalty program. Discounts in case of full tuition fee payment in advance

Subject areas to choose from (IT and mathematics, foreign languages, artistic and aesthetic subjects) - in-depth study of subjects


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, the loyalty program provides discounts. If 2 or more of your children receive an education in one of our institutions – we offer a 10% discount on the amount of payment for the second child. If you pay the entire amount for the academic year in advance – a discount of 5% of the amount.
If you are hesitant on which subject area to choose, we suggest trying different directions in the first weeks of schooling. Then, on the recommendation of the main teacher, child psychologist and subject teachers, you can decide on the subject area of study. If necessary or desired, you can also change the area in the future.
The subject area of study involves an in-depth study of relevant subjects. For example, for IT specifically, there are additional lessons in mathematics, computer science, logic/thinking. In one class there may be children who study in different directions. They are divided into groups for appropriate additional lessons. If you decide to change the direction of study, then the child does not need to move to another class.
In elementary school on Pluhova, children study English from Grade 1. Additionally, German language learning is provided for students of the linguistic direction. English for schoolchildren 4-5 times a week (depending on the subjects area).
We have our own kitchen. Healthy, tasty, freshly prepared food. Vegetables, fruits according to the season. The ability to choose your menu. Diet menu (lactose-free) and an individual approach if necessary.
Yes, we have our own shelter with an area of more than 335 m2, with two exits, a sufficient supply of water, food, educational games and media. So during the air alert, we continue our lessons according to the schedule.

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